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Attic Insulation and Ventilation Inspection

The insulation in the attic area retards the warm or cool air from escaping the living area. One of the least expensive and easiest ways to reduce heating and cooling costs is to properly insulate the attic area.

Proper attic ventilation can make your home more comfortable in the summer, reduce moisture levels and extend the useful life of your roof.  Many modern homes employ a system using vents in both the soffits as well as at or near the ridge to allow air flow through the attic.  As the air in the attic heats, it rises and exits through the upper vents drawing cooler air in through the soffit vents.  Additional airflow may be achieved by installing an exhaust fan near the ridge to help draw air through the attic.  Older homes were generally built with less attic ventilation and may only employ gable vents or windows. 

Having proper ventilation in your attic will help prevent damage to the structure, increase the life expectancy of the roofing, reduce energy use, and improve the living conditions below the attic.

Scope of the inspection

The inspector will identify the type of insulation used, its condition and how well it has been installed.

The inspector will carefully note the type of ventilation and make recommendations on whether or not improvements or alterations are required.

Many homeowners cover the attic vents in the winter to conserve heat and forget to remove the covering in the summer, which reduces roof life and cause massive damage to the sheathing and insulation. Attic venting can be passive such as soffit and gable vents, or it can be power assisted such as an attic roof fan. Power venting of the attic is the best way to quickly remove moisture and heat build up, but it must be checked carefully that it has adequate passive vents to allow air to pass through rather than draw from the living space.

A home inspection is not intended to provide warranties or guarantees. A home inspection is intended to help you make an informed decision about buying your home. A home inspection is not to be mistaken as a warranty on the house.


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