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Garage Inspection

garage inspectionOur standards home inspection includes:
ATTACHED GARAGE - The following items will be inspected when feasible:
- We will inspect exposed areas for condition and fire hazards with the doors, walls, ceiling and any other fire hazard that may be noted.
- The condition and settlement of the garage foundation.
- The operation of the vehicle doors and if the doors are electrically operated, check the automatic reversing mechanism. Also inspect the door springs for safety wire through the springs.

DETACHED GARAGE - The following items will be inspected when feasible:
- The condition and settlement of the garage foundation.
- We will inspect the exposed areas of the walls, siding, for bulging, deterioration, cracked, loose, rotted siding.
- The roof will be inspected the same way as the house, looking for cracked, rotted or sagging roof framing.
- Inspect the condition of the roof shingles.
- A very important part of the detached garage inspection is the wood destroying insect inspection*.


SLOPE OF DRIVE - Many times the driveway is sloped towards the house bringing water to the house. Such a drive should have a level section and a drain just before the garage. A negative sloped drive without a drain may do serious damage to the garage and house with wood rot. Excessive water at the garage may deteriorate the drive and undermine the foundation in this area.

GRAVEL DRIVE - Gravel drives develop rust if not maintained. Our inspector will report deep ruts as a maintenance problem.

ASPHALT DRIVE AND CONCRETE DRIVES - Asphalt and concrete driveways will be inspected for cracked, broken, or settled areas that need maintenance or repair work.


SIDEWALKS - sidewalks that are in front of the dwelling or on the side of the dwelling that are exposed. They will be inspected for serious deterioration, and, cracked or uneven sections because they are a potential trip hazard.

Scope of the inspection

The structure should be inspected for evidence of movement. Garage roofs should be checked for wear. Wooden components should be investigated for evidence of rot or insect infestation. Wooden components should be painted or stained as required. Floor drains should be cleared and tested. Automatic garage door openers should be tested monthly and adjusted to reverse in the event of an emergency.

A home inspection is not intended to provide warranties or guarantees. A home inspection is intended to help you make an informed decision about buying your home. A home inspection is not to be mistaken as a warranty on the house.


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