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Foundation, Structure

There are many types of foundations, but in each case the foundationís purpose is to provide a stable, rigid base to support the home.† It supports the frame and structure as well as protecting them from moisture and contact with the soil.† The foundation must rest on firm ground and be protected from water and excessive moisture.†

Foundations are not uniform and generally conform to the structural standards of the time when they were built.† Whether a raised foundation or a cement slab, it is rare to find a foundation without small cracks or some deterioration.† In most cases, the cracks are nothing to worry about and were caused by the normal curing process or settling.† However, some cracks may be more structurally significant and warrant additional scrutiny.†

Horizontal CracksBecause structural problems can be severe and expensive, the home buyer is highly interested in findings. Serious problems can have a huge impact on the negotiations and closing of the sale.


Serious defects that are detected should be itemized for repairs. (Example: All cracks should be effectively sealed.)

Scope of the inspection

The inspector will look for and report on any evidence of structural deficiencies.†

A thorough inspection of the foundation includes inspecting for:

A home inspection is not intended to provide warranties or guarantees. A home inspection is intended to help you make an informed decision about buying your home. A home inspection is not to be mistaken as a warranty on the house.


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