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TORONTO: 2 July 2011. — Infrared Camera Inspection, Thermal Imaging for Energy Auditing & Home Inspection Available Now!

TORONTO: 28 July 2010 After a sharp decline in 2009, overall satisfaction with new-home builders increases considerably in 2010 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), according to the J.D. Power

2010 Home Builder Ratings - Greater Toronto Area ...

J.D. Power and Associates Reports:
Continued Focus on Warranty Service by Production Builders Leads to New-Homeowner Satisfaction Improvements in the Greater Toronto Area

Tribute Communities ranks highest in satisfying new homeowners in the GTA market, with an overall satisfaction score of 828. Tribute performs particularly well in sales staff; design centre; home readiness; design elements and quality. Mattamy Homes (819) and Monarch (808) follow Tribute in the GTA market rankings.

2009 New Condominium Builder Customer Satisfaction Study ...


Here's what you can consistently expect
from a Home Inspection:

Highly detailed, well-documented, thorough inspections.

Reliable, friendly, professional service before, during and after every inspection.

Fast, easy scheduling 7 day per week. Reasonable rates.

Serving the entire GTA.

Because purchasing a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, you will definitely want a team of professionals working with you. A home inspection is intended to help you make an informed decision about buying your home. Having your prospective home inspected by our Home Inspection Consultants can literally save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and help put your mind at ease as you purchase you new home.

One of the best ways to understand about a home's condition, habitability and safety is to hire a professional home inspector. Home inspectors will go through the property and perform a comprehensive visual inspection to assess the condition of the house and all of its systems. They will determine the components that are not performing properly as well as items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. They will also identify areas where repairs may be needed or where there may have been problems in the past. Inspections are intended to provide the client with a better understanding of property conditions, as observed at the time of the inspection.

Scope of the inspection

The home inspector will provide a visual inspection by looking at the home's various systems, including interior and exterior components. The inspector will check exterior components including roofing, flashing, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, wall surfaces, the foundation and the grading around it.

Home Inspection Checklist

Note that if the inspection takes place in the winter, the roof and the foundation may not be fully visible for inspection if they are covered with snow and ice. For safety and insurance reasons, the home inspector is not required to climb up on a roof to look at it but will make all possible efforts to do so. However, the home inspector will inspect the roof from the ground. This also applies to the chimney and downspouts. If problems or symptoms beyond the scope of the inspection are found, the home inspector may recommend further evaluation. Interior systems the home inspector will check include electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, insulation, flooring, ceiling and wall finishes, windows and doors. As with the outside of the home, the inspection of the interior systems is visual, meaning that the inspector will not be able to see behind walls or under the floor. A home inspection does not include appraisals, exact quotes for repairs, or pointing out noncompliance with building code requirements. A home inspection is not intended to provide warranties or guarantees. A home inspection is intended to help you make an informed decision about buying your home. A home inspection is not to be mistaken as a warranty on the house.

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